Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Nothing beats a holiday with super-soft foods! Hellllooooo mashed potatoes!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Clear Rite is ... Wrong

Something about this irked me the wrong way. Anyone else feel the same?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lady O on 60 Minutes

I would never in a million years knock the soon-to-be First Lady but....

did anyone else notice -- her teeth on tonight's 60 Minutes?

Maybe it was the super close-up camera shot but...

Lady O. has (hate to say it) a little crowding on the bottom -- right?

She's beautiful, powerful, smart, and (an already) legend much sweeter would she be if...she got braces?!?!?!?

OOOH man my dreams would come true! Finally the ultimate validation. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Soon to be Added to the 'Congratulations!' Board....

NOT!!!!! So. Much.

This photo was faked in every effort to encourage optimistic thoughts. Today I was back at the ortho's (big surprise here, right?).

As usual, NO mention of when the wires will come off!

So, to everyone who keeps asking me..."When are you getting your braces off?" -- the answer is....NEVER!!!! (Gosh is this what it's like when people ask you, "When are you getting married? When are you having a baby? When are you having another baby? Etc.?????"

So, while no good news came from the appointment -- other than, back in 6 weeks, as opposed to the horrendous 10 weeks -- guess who made a cameo appearance?????.....

DR. RELLE!!!!!! (my oral surgeon, for those of you catching up)

Dr. Relle rocks!!! It was like family.

I think I was more excited to see Dr. Relle than I was when I saw Mary-Kate Olsen at sushi on Ventura.

Meet the 4:45 am wake-up call Wired Lady. Yes, this is the Wired Lady who doesn't update her blog as much as she used to because of ... exhaustion. See photo below.
The plus side -- this my favorite part of every visit -- when they take off the wires and I can pretend to be wired-free. Look how purtyyyyy!!! ...almost.

Saturday, November 8, 2008



Illegal pics I took to document my big VOTE. Yes, I was the third person in line at the polls and yes, it was 5:15 AM in the morning and yes the polls didn't open til 7 AM and yes...I have a problem. I was up...what could I say?!...Slightly excited.

Please take note of the STICKER!...if the braces don't distract you too much.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Goodbye Betty!

Saturday was a momentous occasion -- the Ugly Betty poncho/costume was donated to...The Salvation Army.

RIP Braces Costume

I am optimistic, I will not need you at this time next year (god freakin' willing)