Monday, April 30, 2007


This weekend was the big Bedford/Licursi wedding. This required traveling many miles away. And I would just like to say...totally worth it!

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Homeless person or Stephanie brushing her teeth in multiple airport restrooms?

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Favorite braces-free photo taken this weekend.

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Deciding to work the smile -- by over-extending.

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This is what an open bar and braces look like.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Best Friend

I would like to introduce my new best friend...
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That's right, for those of you cool enough not to know what this's orthodontic wax. When Glenn at Dr. Yamada's office explained to me about this special wax I rolled my eyes, assuming that having been through braces before I would be tough and could totally handle any amount of pain. Welp, when I wake up at 2:30 in the morning because a piece of metal is cutting into the cheek of my mouth...I look to my new best friend. Thank you new best friend.

And next time when I put you in my makeup case, thinking it's a place I will easily find you, please advise me otherwise. At 2:30 am in the morning, blinded by the light, it's not fun searching my bathroom for a little freakin' relief.

Monday, April 23, 2007

No Lisp at All

Sorry My Ass

It's really cool when people tell you they feel "sooooo sorry for you." How exactly am I suppose to respond to that? "Umm....thanks?" It's not like I'm suffering from a terminal illness or contageous disease. By looking at me, you will not contract a case of braces.

Currently watching NBC's new "Wedding Crashers." Not a fan (especially of the voice-over) but looking forward to crashing Dan's wedding on Saturday. With or without braces, I can already feel the fun coming our way.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Afraid of a 6th Grader

It's crazy to think the one person I was most afraid to see my braces was Emma, the 6th grader I sometimes babysit. I was petrified she would destroy me. Somehow in my mind, I would revert back to the middle school years of insecurity and humility. But...the good news is, she took the news well. She actually provided many helpful tips, being that she just got her braces removed a few months ago. In the woes of braces, we bonded like never before. Finally, someone to sympathize with me.

You better believe Emma will be wearing her retainers every night from this point forward.

Cheers to a Liquid Diet!

Just hours after arriving at work on Friday (with braces), a HUGE bucket arrived from my favorite girls! And the best part was, it was filled with alcohol! Who knew braces equaled gifts? Ha.

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The card read "At least this time around you can drink (legally). Cheers to the liquid diet. Mmm...margaritas! Love, Megan, Emily & Rose"

I love my SSP.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Game Day

Yesterday was the big day. I took video of the moments before, but I don't think any are entertaining enough to include at this juncture. Mainly because, well, I'm missing my teeth as I knew them. And right mouth is freakin' killing me. If only the Advil was stronger.

The actual procedure happened really fast. I have to say, the technology has definitely advanced in the 14 years since I last had them on. No crazy wires shooting out of my mouth, no gross gels, nope, nothing. It all happened within an hour - and that includes the lovely speech I received about what I can and cannot eat. All the ugly stuff is in...but I still only have spacers in the back. I go back in 2 weeks for round 2.

Here I am at Dr. Yamada's office, after just seeing my new face.
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Tonight I'm off to go babysit Emma, a 6th grader who had her braces removed last week. Looking forward to her reaction. Is this really happening to me?

Thursday, April 19, 2007


It's happening tomorrow. Trying to stay calm. Trying to think of other things. Trying to convince myself I just have a routine dental appointment tomorrow morning. No big deal.

Here I am starting to freak out at work today...
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Here I am freaking out on the drive home from work...
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And here I am as I write this blog, completely freaked out...
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Of course, me being the idiot that I am, I scheduled my appointment in the morning, so I would be sure not to miss work. I have to say, the moment I'm freaking out most is when I arrive at work - in wires!!! This is so not cool. Some people know at work, most people don't. A weird surprise, for sure. I'm debating whether or not to dress up for this event tomorrow. It would be kind of funny if I showed up in a dress at the orthodontist's office. The question is, do I want really bad - over dramatized 'before' pics or somewhat cute 'before' pics? I wonder who will see these 'before' pics? Ha. I'm thinking...I probably will dress up a bit, preparing to feel like the ugliest person in the world upon arrival to work. Perhaps this will counter the emotions?

Speaking of emotions -- Oh, and I know this is more than most of you probably want to know but this is soooo my life. Of's totally pms city right now. Which means, if my shoe laces become untied, I start crying. This especially includes Dove campaign commercials and any baby, animal or old person on television. Yup, that's right - not only tears but the ugly cry. Way to schedule, Stephanie! Thank god being an assistant is really not your forte.

I hope I can sleep tonight. Is it too late for a bottle of wine?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Words cannot express the horror and sadness in Blacksburg. My heart goes out to all of the families, friends, and students, past and present, of Virgina Tech. Growing up in Northern Virginia, I had many close friends attend Tech. While I was never a Hookie myself, I have and always will feel a close understanding of Hookie pride.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Goodbye Gummy Delights

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Last Swedish Fish 4/15/07 8:01 PM

Goodbye Corn

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Last time enjoying corn actually on the cob. 4/15/07 7:37 PM PST

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Worth Mentioning

Because we have nothing better to do, JB and I have decided to try (key word being 'try') to cut carbs for a week. This is how thrilling our lives are, I know. It's a big deal -- mainly because we also plan to only drink two nights out of the week - this being the toughest element of our little challenge. And for the record, we are starting tomorrow. Tonight is all about the sloppy joes, corn-on-the-cob, and Swedish fish!

So, of course I'm on the phone with her at the grocery store bitching because there is absolutely nothing buy. She then states that I am lucky to be getting braces because I will have an advantage on the diet over her. She also mentioned the hope of one day wiring her mouth shut. Thanks, JB. You're riiiiight, I am really lucky.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Life Before Braces

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Staples Center...Lakers alcohol...ummmm...
will life WITH braces be this good?

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Box Suite, baby!

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My paparazzi shot. Can you find my good friend Jack?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hungry & Horny

Tonight for work I attended a comedy show entitled "The Hungry & Horny Show." You know some thing's wrong when all I could think about the whole time was how this up-coming weekend is my last weekend braces-free.

What in the world should I do? Corn-on-the-cob party? Bubblegum bonanza? Basically, I need to see everyone I know, so I can then hibernate for the next two years. Got a better suggestion?

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Peeps

I would just like to take a moment to salute one of the great gifts of Easter...peeps. You are full of sugar, chewy and delicious...and sadly, a treat I probably will not see for another 2 years.

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Special thanks to my other favorite Easter Peeps, Rose & Megan, for throwing a fantastic brunch. I don't remember champagne being prominent in Easter celebrations of my past but, "Praise Jesus!"

Friday, April 6, 2007

Definitely a GOOD Friday

Hooray for a day off work! And I have to say, I definitely did it right - sleeping in, shopping, a pedicure, more shopping, etc. I thought only this picture could accurately depict my feelings today...
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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Another Co-Worker With Braces

Today at work I spotted an adult co-worker with braces. I had no idea this person had braces! I was pretty excited about it, like we would become instant friends or something, but I couldn't bring myself to tell him that I too would soon have braces. Instead, I just kept staring and staring at his teeth. I tried to focus on his eyes, but I just couldn't! I kept hoping he would just open his mouth a little more when he spoke, so I could get a better look. I needed to see for myself...on a real, live adult, what my fate holds. I have to say, he really has perfected the closed-mouth conversation. Cheers to him! I bet he fools people. I pray I can fool people.

I wanted so bad to tell him, "Hey, I'm getting braces too!"...but I couldn't. In my head, I couldn't find any nice way to start up that conversation. It was as if saying, "Hey! I'm going bald too" or "Hey, my acne has come back more red than in high school too!." I just couldn't bring myself to say, "Hey, you've got braces!" in a happy, cheerful tone. "I'm getting braces too" sounded too depressing. And "Oh, you have braces?" seemed rude. I didn't want to sound all bummed out about soon having braces, being that he currently is living with braces. For a moment there I even thought, maybe he was actually happy about having braces?

Then my phone rang -- no way in hell.

Monday, April 2, 2007

The Boyfriend on Braces

The other day at work one of my co-workers asked what Steve, the boyfriend, thought of my impending braces. I thought the time was right to find out.