Saturday, April 21, 2007

Game Day

Yesterday was the big day. I took video of the moments before, but I don't think any are entertaining enough to include at this juncture. Mainly because, well, I'm missing my teeth as I knew them. And right mouth is freakin' killing me. If only the Advil was stronger.

The actual procedure happened really fast. I have to say, the technology has definitely advanced in the 14 years since I last had them on. No crazy wires shooting out of my mouth, no gross gels, nope, nothing. It all happened within an hour - and that includes the lovely speech I received about what I can and cannot eat. All the ugly stuff is in...but I still only have spacers in the back. I go back in 2 weeks for round 2.

Here I am at Dr. Yamada's office, after just seeing my new face.
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Tonight I'm off to go babysit Emma, a 6th grader who had her braces removed last week. Looking forward to her reaction. Is this really happening to me?

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