Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What the Hell is This?!

I'm home for the holiday at my parent's house and while digging through the old jewelry box found...THIS!

The question is...what the hell is it?

At first I thought it was a retainer, but at second it a mouth guard? I don't remember ever playing a sport that required a mouth guard. Swim team never required any dental protection.

But look how straight those chompers used to be!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Too Much Food. Too Much Pain. (and I'm not talking about my pants)

Yeah, totally ate too much...and I guess some pretty chewy stuff. Now, it's all about the Tylenol for the jaw. Hoping the buckeyes and perogi lasagna will take the pain away. Not really sure what's wrong but really reeallllly hoping it goes away soon. I keep blaming it on just sleeping on it weird.

Tomorrow the braces are making an appearance at the Steelers game...can't wait to freeze!

Hope everyone had a happy holiday!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wired at the Airport

Hi All -- I'm just waiting at the airport...

I made the mistake of having popcorn before I left -- and you know how this goes...2 hours after of continuing to find goodies in the wires.

Of course my flight was delayed. What else is new?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

4 Bands. 1 Lady

So, as you heard, Friday I was at the ortho. It went down pretty much as expected. I left with more metal in my mouth and no word on when they would ever be removed.

The doc's concerned because I kind of have the opposite problem I went in with. Now, all my front teeth touch beautifully but...not many of the back -- lovely.

So, the good news rolled on - now, I'm wearing four rubber bands. You can't see the two in the waaaaay back in this picture. But the two triangles in the front are definitely...there. And...strong as all hell.

In other good news, as the dental assistant put it, "The Mother of All Wires" was put in my mouth. Like -- there are no more after this...this is as heavy as it gets. The assistant also told me she didn't want to lie...this sucker is gonna hurt. And she was correct. My teeth haven't been numb like this since I first got the braces.

This was taken last night at the UCB Midnight Show. Please take note of the amount of grey in my mouth, compared to whitish-yellow. Any see any teeth? Not anymore, riiight?

Tonight I'm packing up the dental gear and getting ready to fly home tomorrow night.

Oh wait -- question....does anyone have a dental brand of tiny brushes they like to use in between their wires? The GUM ones I have suck -- I can't seem to find any strong ones. And yes, I did get seriously flak for hygiene at the appointment. So...yet again...I'm stepping up my game (errr...trying to).

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Your Ortho is Looking Forward to Seeing You!

This is the automated message I get the day before my ortho check-up.

Yup, that's right...tomorrow is the day. While I would like to create some sort of false hope that tomorrow I will find out when the braces come off -- the truth is, not gonna happen.

Instead, 6 more weeks of poeple asking, "When ARE you going to get your braces off???"

I don't knowwwwww! I never willllll.

(this post was written after two glasses of champagne and a box of crackers stuck in my wires)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Elementary School Kids Are Mean

My boss's daughter came to work last week. I hadn't seen her in a while. Lots of poeple were standing around. The first thing out of her mouth, "HA! You still have BRACES!!!!"

Thanks, hun.

How do I recover from a 9 year old pointing at my face?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Nothing beats a holiday with super-soft foods! Hellllooooo mashed potatoes!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Clear Rite is ... Wrong

Something about this irked me the wrong way. Anyone else feel the same?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lady O on 60 Minutes

I would never in a million years knock the soon-to-be First Lady but....

did anyone else notice -- her teeth on tonight's 60 Minutes?

Maybe it was the super close-up camera shot but...

Lady O. has (hate to say it) a little crowding on the bottom -- right?

She's beautiful, powerful, smart, and (an already) legend much sweeter would she be if...she got braces?!?!?!?

OOOH man my dreams would come true! Finally the ultimate validation. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Soon to be Added to the 'Congratulations!' Board....

NOT!!!!! So. Much.

This photo was faked in every effort to encourage optimistic thoughts. Today I was back at the ortho's (big surprise here, right?).

As usual, NO mention of when the wires will come off!

So, to everyone who keeps asking me..."When are you getting your braces off?" -- the answer is....NEVER!!!! (Gosh is this what it's like when people ask you, "When are you getting married? When are you having a baby? When are you having another baby? Etc.?????"

So, while no good news came from the appointment -- other than, back in 6 weeks, as opposed to the horrendous 10 weeks -- guess who made a cameo appearance?????.....

DR. RELLE!!!!!! (my oral surgeon, for those of you catching up)

Dr. Relle rocks!!! It was like family.

I think I was more excited to see Dr. Relle than I was when I saw Mary-Kate Olsen at sushi on Ventura.

Meet the 4:45 am wake-up call Wired Lady. Yes, this is the Wired Lady who doesn't update her blog as much as she used to because of ... exhaustion. See photo below.
The plus side -- this my favorite part of every visit -- when they take off the wires and I can pretend to be wired-free. Look how purtyyyyy!!! ...almost.

Saturday, November 8, 2008



Illegal pics I took to document my big VOTE. Yes, I was the third person in line at the polls and yes, it was 5:15 AM in the morning and yes the polls didn't open til 7 AM and yes...I have a problem. I was up...what could I say?!...Slightly excited.

Please take note of the STICKER!...if the braces don't distract you too much.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Goodbye Betty!

Saturday was a momentous occasion -- the Ugly Betty poncho/costume was donated to...The Salvation Army.

RIP Braces Costume

I am optimistic, I will not need you at this time next year (god freakin' willing)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

All Hallow's Eve

To wear the poncho or not? This is the question...

As many of you will remember, THIS happened to me last year when I wore my authentic "Ugly Betty" poncho to work.

Others may remember, the full wardrobe, HERE.

This year, what to do? That damn poncho cost serious dollars. I gotta get my moneys worth while it lasts, right?!

Tomorrow is the all-incredibly awkard "Dress Up for Halloween" at work. Always a real treat. :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

1 Intern. 2 Apples.

Meet Christine, braced-intern #2!! She's fantastic! (And I'm not just saying that because she's wired -- promise!)

Weird craving today for an apple -- all of a sudden, Stan, the video editing super star walked by with a bag of apples (looking like he just went to the orchard or something). Completely random! Sooo we each scored an apple! Cool! Right? Wrong...

Remembering our handicap....What's a wired girl to do?!?!

Well, Intern Christine was like...."Aww no, I'll bring this home and eat it when I have a knife.

Wired Lady was like..."F-THAT! I'm going in!"

I used to be like that...careful and whatever. After 1.5 years of metal...I...JUST EAT!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Wire-licious and Beautiful People

Wired intern Danielle gets Rod the I.T. Guy's help to set up her computer. Me? Who else would deem this a total photo op????

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Suck

Yes, I suck. It has been almost a week since my last post. But...I swear I have great excuses! #1 I moved. #2 No internet connection at new place #3 New website launched at work. Crazy, right?!

So, lets pretend no time has passes and let's just pick up from last week.

As you will see only one post below, I went to the dentist. This was not a happy experience. Not only did my gums bleed from horror, trauma and fear was also announced I have cavities they want to wait to fill till my braces are off (sooo probably around 2012).

This was taken after stepping out of the dentist's office....
Pretty Wired Lady, right?

Let's just say, it was a brutal visit.

Monday, October 20, 2008

"Not So Bad"

The words of the Doc post-cleaning on Saturday....

"For all you've been through...really, they aren't THAT bad."

Um...mind you...she said this after my gums were bleeding for an hour.

Yeah - not the best time.

Also - blame Steve the BF. I have a survival photo to share -- but Steve borrowed my camera and left me with the cord. So, I can't get to them!

The camera swap is happening tomorrow -- look for it!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good Luck With That, Lady!

Saturday morning I have an appointment for a cleaning. As the workaholic I am, you know I LOVE that I can go to the dentist on a Saturday -- riiight?!

Ok. So, with this mouth of metal and fancy bands and junks...all I can say to that poor lady who will be digging into this mess is...

Good LUCK!! Damn...she's got her work cut out for her! Hell, hope she's a morning person!

And not to be 'sexist' -- but I just have never had a male at Dr. Nancy's -- but that's cool too.

Oh and...this is how great of a girlfriend I am..."Hey, Steve...on Saturday morning, think you can drop me off at Firestone to get my oil changed, and then drop me off at the dentist?" His response..."Wow. Hot."

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Braces DENIED from Fashion Week!


Wellllll.....kind of....

Braces denied affffter late and went to the wrong location.

Sooooooo COMPLETELY the story of my life! HA. We had to laugh at the situation anyway...


This is my pseduo-attempt at a fashionable/artsy shot...or just didn't use a flash...


Lesson learned - get the address & be early to a fashion show.

Oh and...don't show up Ugly Betty-style.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Aunt Barbie: The Braces News Reporter

News received from the family AP wire --- email from my Aunt Barbie...

"Hey Steph, been thinking about you lately and I was at a meeting at work today and I noticed that a 60 year old nurse and a 40 year old guy had braces so you are not the oldest one in the world to have braces. I was telling them a little about your situation since the topic of conversation was BRACES."

Sooo...not this 'good' news? Oh. My. Life.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wires for Credit!

We have a new intern at work...

Her name is Christine. Christine is smart. Christine is hard-working. Christine is energetic. Did I mention...Christine also has braces?

Favoritism by the Wired Lady? Never!

Hey, I only hire the interns...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Braces Help in Getting Apartment!

As of Nov. 1, the new home of Wired Lady!

Woo hoo!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Braces Helpful in Finding Apartments?

Today Steve and I went on the hunt for an apartment. Yes, big news in the Wired Lady world -- movin' in with the BF. Yup, that's me, the Wired Lady who will be livin' in sin but ya know what, the truth is, I'm stick of living out of my car and packing bags every night's time to...(cough cough) commit - oh and I really want to live with Steve. Any who....

Sooo anyway -- as luck would have it...the FIRST place we saw today...we LOVED!

AND...the landlord was so sweet! Complete luck, right?

Well, we turned in our applications and now we wait to see if the WL credit line is a 'yay' or a 'nay.'

No surprise here -- the landlord totally took note of my braces and asked when I'm getting them off. What?! Does everyone in this world have to ask me this question?!

Will braces help in the 'nice' factor of the application process. How could a poor and innocent Wired Lady possible be a bad tenant, riiiiight?!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Please, No More Drugs...

How is it that the meds the urgent care doctor gave me for the flu were stronger than any meds I got from jaw surgery? Seriously. I have never gotten more sick from antibiotics -- till this week.

So, after the lovely post with Daddy Wired Lady, the medicine kicked in and literally...I was out! Like...could not stand up -- the world is spinning -- I am high as a kite -- no way I can drive to work, stoned. It was CRAZY!

While the doctor insisted on me taking all 10 days of pills -- I had to call yesterday and beg to stop at 5.

So, while I did get to go back to work today...I am still waiting to see the lovely reaction to the pills being haulted. Fun. Fun. Fun. Is it me or is everyone sick with the flu all of a sudden?

Oh -- and sorry about not getting a chance to share Mamma Wired Lady...but she did make a cameo in the surgery video back in March. You have to watch closely.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome Wireless Parents!

The parents are in town and you know what that means...the dreaded question, "So...when are you getting your braces off??

They have only been here for approximately 24 hours and I have already gotten the question at least twice.

"You said you were hoping for Christmas, is that going to happen?"

As if the third tequila shot didn't answer this questions...

"No, Mother. Not so much. Get ready for me, yet again, destroying the family Christmas card."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This is NOT for Beautification

What I hate...when people automatically think I have braces to "beautiful my life."

Are you kidding me?! No way would I strap the metal cages on my mouth for 1.5 years (and counting, ugh) for...'beauty.'

Um no...the braces were only an 'accessory' to the major overhaul called jaw surgery, as to prevent a life of pain and misery.

Just had to get that off my chest! Thanks.

I get my hair done to beautify. I put makeup to beautify. I have a rubber band binding one side of my mouth to...well, lose friends.

ps -- why the one side?! really not so sure. apparently one tooth is too high...blah.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


The result of my ortho appointment on Tuesday.

All I can say is....




Upon demanding clarification from the dental assistant I said, "The doc said just at nighttime, right?

DA: "If she wanted it only at night, she would have said."

WL: "Oh. No. I demand confirmation on this."

DA: "Ok." [Goes to ask]

Doctor: "I am only trying to help you get these off sooner than later. I want you wearing all the time."

WL: "Kill me now."

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Help! Deep Cleaning Tips Needed as many times as I tell myself (on the blog) I will do better with my flossing, brushing, over-hauling, etc....I have not been good.

And now I realized, (eeek!), I have an ortho appointment on Tuesday. Normally, I would be highly excited about this. However, this time...not so much. I am freaking because the teeth are looking (I will say it)...nasty. I will 'come clean' -- no pun intended.

Sooooo, anyone have any last-minute-before-the-ortho cleaning tips? The Listerine is not kickin' it as well as it used to.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rice is Evil

For lunch today I was treated to sushi.

I love sushi but sushi does not love me.

I hereby declare -- wires against white rice!

Beware. Tastes so good but looks so bad.

No amount of water refills was going to save this socially awkward situation

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ortho Blogger To Represent!

I'm pumped to announce I will be heading back to Blog World this year -- for work, of course -- but REALLY to represent the ortho bloggers!!! Holla with ya braces!

Anyone else planning to attend? Hello ortho cocktail hour!?! Ha. (really not kidding)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happiness is...

...realizing you have a scheduled ortho week!!!

How crazy is that?! I swear I thought I was 3 months away from the next check-in. Geez, the summer goes by fast...damn.'s ok. Ok for me.

Lets start the positive thinking NOW. Braces will come off soon. Braces will come off soon. Braces will come off soon.

F The Secret -- like this works. Prove it, Oprah.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Braces Don't Stop the Fun

The Bobcat Shuffle was survived! Sadly, even with braces, I wasn't even carded ONCE. What the heck is that about?! How freakin' old am I lookin' these days?! (don't answer that)

Two braces-related comments...

Person: "Oh. I thought I saw a pictures with you without your braces. "
Wired Lady: "Nope. Sorry. They're still here. Must have been a false pic."

Other Person: "When are you getting your braes off?"
Wired Lady Only 3 Drinks In: "Don't ask. It's a sore subject."




Tomorrow kicks off the detox plan and the Better Care for Braces Fall '08 Campaign.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Braces + Bobcats + Beer = Happiness

Worrying all year about jaws and surgeries and insurance bills, I have to say...I never thought I would make it to this weekend -- favorite weekend allllll year long!!!

That's right, the Ohio U Bobcat Shuffle!!!! For those of you responsible enough to not know what a 'shuffle' The Magical Bar Crawl! Hello Wired Lady Trying to Pretend Like She's Still in College :)

Last year's 'happiness' looked like this.

The good news is...last year I spent the day explaining why I was suddenly rockin' a 13-year-old wired 'look,' tomorrow I won't have to deal with that! People already know I have braces AND the pepple who notice my face looks a little 'different' will just blame it on the booze.

Hooray for alcohol!

O-H-I-O....go braces! Can you tell I'm happy it's Friday?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Review of the New '90210' ...




'Annie Wilson' or 'The New Brenda' wins with #1 choppers...This dude thinks so too!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Discovered: Braces Fetish in Checkout #4

Kind of creepy when an enjoyable swing through Target ends with a creepy check-out dude repeating the phrase, "Keep smiling."

Literally, the kid checks my ID (thank you box of wine I couldn't put down), and starts telling me how much he loves my smile and how cool he thinks it is when girls "my age" (what the hell does that mean, Sport?!) have braces.

Kind of weird. Or...a lot of weird.

I grabbed my box of wine, Speedo goggles (thank you Michael Phelps for false hope), and Halloween greeting cards (what can I say? sometimes you just need to buy something) and hit the road.

Wild and crazy Saturday night, right?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Have Braces? Want an Internship?

The recruiting process for fall interns has kicked off! And guess who's spearheading this effort?? You guessed it...WIRES.

If you were interviewing for an internship, would you think it's weird the pseudo - 'boss' has braces?

Yeah, definitely, thought so too. But...I love it...and I'm rollin' with it!

The first 'potential' who walks in the door with braces...wins!

Oooh yeah, I am an equal opportunity (WIRED) employer! :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Wired Lady...Makin' a Difference

After Michelle's speech tonight (and yes, I will admit, I was getting a little misty-eyed), I get an email from my sister that reads...

"Mom is making you get a Barack t-shirt. Which one do you want? Email me asap.", here's the one I want...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ew. Seriously. Gross.

Soooo you learn something new every day, right? Wellllll today I learned when searching Google Images for 'braces' Wired Lady (me, myself, & I) show up on the page 2. Cool, right?, not cool. Why? Ooooh because I show up directly under a naked woman with a rubber mechanical 'tool' (so-to-speak) in her hand!!!!

Chalk that up to another act of daily making my mother proud...

I will vote for the president who implements a new crack down on people with braces fetishes. That's a high priority in this country, right?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yeah? So, What if I am Eating THAT?

Unnamed Co-Worker Who Sits Strangely Close to Me:
"Wow. I'm surprised you eat popcorn with braces."

Wired Lady:
"Yeah. I got over than about 1.5 years ago. I make it all work."

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You Look Different

Tonight I treated myself to spicy vegetable soup and pad Thai from my favorite 'B' - rated Thai restaurant, Piriya. I hadn't been since surgery and on top of that, haven't even ordered for lunch delivery at work. I knew I was walking into a battle zone -- as the owner, no matter how often I order, always gives me crap for not ordering enough.

So, I walk in and the owner, says ..."You look different." After 13 hours at work, I didn't feel up to playing the "Let Me Explain My Bizarre Dental Scenario Game." So, I played dumb. "What?! Ohhh? I just look really tired -- that must be it."

Her response. "No, no ... you look really different. AH! I know -- you are ... taller!"

We chalked it up to the Kors heels and said our goodbyes.

Sometimes people are worth the investment of time and energy to explain why one would have her mouth wired shut -- and some ... no matter how good their shrimp and noodles are ... are not.

Pick your dental-explanatory battles wisely.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Braces Prejudice in Avatar World

UNCOOL ALERT!!! -- Wired Lady can't find an avatar-making site that caters to wired-individuals!!! This is the closest I could get, using the new generator....Face Your Manga


Quick EXTREME happy note -- I actually received a check today from...the oral surgeon's office! Yah...I know...not a bill...but actual money back!! Celebrate. Good. Times....HELLZ YEAH!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meet My Hero

Wish I had thought of it.
Special thanks to Laura for brightening the Wired Lady's day.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dinner Party Fancy Lady

wired lady, braces

Last night friends Alex and Will (the next stars of the new untitled lifestyle/cooking web show), invited me over for a BEYOND-fantastic dinner party at their new, hot, trendy, BEAUTIFUL downtown loft. Yes, that's living -- helloooo, how freakin' cool is that?! Totally jealous.


Dinner was delicious and all food options, I must say, were highly wired-friendly!

With wires, it's not too often I actually feel like an 'adult' -- so, playing 'grown-up' last night was beyond fun! Thanks to Alex and Will!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Wired Expertise

I wear glasses, I have braces, I enjoy coffee and the internet -- yup, you could classify me as "wired."

With so much expertise, of COURSE I was asked to 'consult' on Steve's (the BF) BIG decision to get ... new ... glasses!!!!!! You can image my sheer excitement as Steve's old glasses resembled this guy's....


Now, look at the new Wired Guy....

... although, regularly known as the Nerd with Words

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Order a Hamburger Instead!

While spinach salads seem like a good call at the lunch gathering -- stay away!

Wired Lady experienced this firsthand today. I enjoyed a fantastic lunch with a fantastic new friend -- MINUS the mistake of ordering this healthy-'lunchable.' As a Wired Lady with over a year and a half experience, any food that causes one to constantly question where it has landed in the wires, is a baaaaad lunch call. So, learn from my mistake -- for lunch, order a hamburger and fries instead. Forget the calorie count! Order crap and lunch with confidence!

How's that for a diet tip?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The After Effect

Today, the day after the big ortho appointment, a few 'particularities' were remembered. Like ... maybe you should freakin' brush your teeth, Dirty Lady, after lunch?! -- toootally did.

Now, enjoying a lovely glass of Chard (as always ... hellooooo Classy Lady) and some tortilla chips, you can definitely say I'm NOT looking forward to the upcoming flossing session.

Hope you (somewhat) enjoy this blog's not going anyway. Braces to exist in the WL's life ... forever... holla Yamada!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not Quite the News I Wanted to Hear

Action-packed day at the ortho's office ...

There was some teeth 'sawing' -- some wire 'adjusting' -- and MOST unfortunately, some bandage 'adding.' Yup, that's right. Now, on top of the 'bling' and 'decorations' of my current mouth, I can add to that list a rubber band 'power chain' ... across the front!!!! Gabby, the assistant, tried to calm me by insisting "it's clear" but ... this almost concerns me more -- um .... hello Diet Coke addiction?! That thing will be 100% nasty by 3 PM tomorrow. Won-der-ful!!!

In other news -- OOOOOOH the idea of my braces coming off before Christmas is .... "pushing it!" To clue everyone in ... because the braces were first put on in March of '07, the Doc technically believes her contract to me is until March of '08 (2 years - one year before, and one year after surgery). Sooooo to HER.....FEB. 29th would be GIVING!

Also --- look at this!!!!!
Welp, actually ... thanks to my somewhat lame camera zoom, you probably can't see this too well, but under 'ORAL HYGIENE' - there is a big, red 'X' marking "Missing a few places!"

Oh yes, Wired Lady --slapped on the wrist.

Sooooo none of these were given....

And instead, restocked with my favorite rubber bands -- which...
... are annoyingly EVERYWHERE -- that's right, in every crevice of my bathroom, car, bedroom, kitchen, etc!!!!!! I swear, I will be celebrating my unborn child's high school graduation and still finding these suckers.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Like Winning Gold!

This is what I felt like today when I found out insurance paid...for everything!!!!!

Is "Free Fallin'" stuck in your head too? Totally Petty. Totally.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hello Procrastination

All weekend I was avoiding opening the scary envelopes from the doctor's office. Ugh. Not fun. So, totally, I am proud to say ... I opened the letters and ... I am still alive ... lol.

Mainly because, I told myself ... "Hey, can't do anything till tomorrow morning!" -- ie...calling insurance.

So, one more day of procrastination -- love weekends.

Ortho check-up on Tuesday afternoon. Please start to send good thoughts. Hoping for HAPPY news!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Blast from the Past

Infamous Lorna, the admin lady from Dr. Relle's office, called today. It's been a while since I heard from her. She left a message on my work phone and actually said, "Hi there. Not sure if you remember me but I work at Dr. Relle's office."

Whaaaat? Lorna?! Seriously?! Not sure if I would remember you? Um ... pretty sure I'll remember you on my death bed.

So ... nice to hear Lorna's voice. Not good to hear Lorna's voice when she tells be mother f-iiiiiing Blue Cross is refusing to paaaaaaaaaay.

Fan-freakin'-tastic. Let the battle begin ...

I am breathing. I am breathing. I am calm. How the hell do ya do a GD yoga breath again?! I knew I should have continued that after-work activity.

Morning Reflection

Listerine rules so much more than Crest Pro Health -- riiiiight?

Crest is a little too nice for me. If I'm gonna sip, gargle and spit -- it's gonna have to have a little kick!

Have a great day to all!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tweet Tweet the Wired Lady!

Hellooooo Braces Community!! Who's on Twitter?! I need friends to follow! Help a girl out and link it up!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Please Forgive Me Father...For I Have Sinned

Last night something HUGE happened in the life of Wired Lady -- I...ran...out of -- dental floss! No, REALLY! I never thought this could possibly happen --- as I have been bulk buying since the beginning of this ortho 'adventure' -- but it happened. Absolutely NONE anywhere in my bathroom. None at the bottom of my purse. Nada inch anywhere inside my many work totes...nothing!

What did this mean? How could I let such an embarassing mistake occur? This doesn't mean I have slacked on my ortho-behaviors, does it? Ahhhhh. Ummm...probably true.

Today - the ortho diet kicked back into shape. I went straight to Ralphs and bought the finest floss my fine Ralphs Card could get me a discount on. Hello Kroger non-name brand! Holla.

I'm back.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sleepy Braced-Face Lady

SUCH a fun weekend but wedding traveling and wedding dancing and wedding drinking and wedding explaining-my-post-surgery-braced-'situation'-is...exhausting. I am so out of it -- seriously. Can I take a week off to recover? Pretty please.

The G family wedding was GORGEOUS and it was so sweet of so many people to ask how I was feeling. The weird thing is -- it feels like my surgery in March was years and years ago. It's doesn't impact my life at all any more -- only that I have to explain why the braces are still on. That's about it. Oh. And the constant thought pattern of 'Where the hell is the bill gonna arrive?' -- every time I check my mailbox. Fun. Stuff.


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wires Take Off!

No, unfortunately, not that type of 'taking off' (i wiiiish). Instead, I'm off to Columbus, O-H-I-O this weekend for the big G Family Wedding!!!! So. Cool. To. Be. Sporting. Braces. At. Family. Events. At. The. Age. Of. 26.

So sweeeeet (hello, Zach speak).

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Earthquake, Shakes: Ortho Structure, Strong

If it wasn't for my ortho and surrounding dental 'family' being in the Los Angeles area, I swear I would have fled home to the east coast yesterday after...the quake. Those close to me know I freak out at the smalled trembles, so, as you can imagine, the violent rattling of my 14-story office building was not taken well.

While I'm not packing to leave for good...I am packing tonight for the big Guerrieri family wedding in Columbus. Yes, that's right...another wedding...another mouthful of braces. While I never disclosed this secret, I was silently hopeful the wires may be off in time for this family appearance. Oh. How. Wrong. I. Was.

Better make sure I have enough travel-sized Listerine...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Wish Miley Cyrus Had Braces

Teen stars have all the luck - great clothes, great careers, great BIG paychecks and um....what's this? braces!! What the heck is that all about? I dunno about you guys but hello?!...false advertising perhaps?! Miley, you should YouTube battle on this topic.

Just a random thought for the day.

And future Disney sweetheart Selena Gomez, don't think I'm not talking about you too...

Can anyone tell I'm slightly sleep deprived at the moment? Ha.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cheers to the CalPhil

Last night friends enjoyed a lovely picnic and musical performance on the Cal Philharmonic Green! Such a good time!

Sorry the posts have been a little few and far between lately. To be honest, the life in braces has gotten a little...hate to say, dull. No major wired-issues lately. know...waiting it out. My next appointment isn't until August 12th - ugh.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Braces Back to Networking

The braces made an appearance last night at the "Digital LA" gathering a the luxie Sky Bar. And by 'luxie' I mean, ridiculously expensive drinks for no freakin' reason. $12 for a glass of wine?! Are you kidding me. That's 6 bottles from Trader Joe's!

Anywhoooo....the braces were out in all their glory. And of course, many mingling comments were received from strangers....
  • the creepy guy who liked the braces
  • the close-talker who points and asks
  • the random, who comments on the strong handshake - as a surprise by fronting the braces
cool. just tryin' to make it work...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Braceless Batman

Last night I was lucky enough to score my seat to "The Dark Knight."

Enjoyed the film but just one, tiny braces!

No where in Gotham did I see a wired individual. What's up with that? Anyone out there -- correct me if I'm wrong...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Fishy Anniversary All Around

Last night Steve and I celebrated our made-up 'anniversary.' Yup, that's right. Blue Jam Cafe on Melrose is not just for breakfast anymore. Friday night BYOB!

I don't know about you all but I find that fish is the best option for post-surgery dining. Always soft -- always a good time. The secondary choice would be chicken, but last night's Halibut Special was definitely the way to go. While in this picture, my halibut is half eaten and sort of gross looking...I was delicious - just had to share...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Work Gatherings In Braces

I was at a work gathering the other night and awkwardly, in conversation, my braces were mentioned. Is it weird that 1 year and 3 months into this little 'adventure,' I have absolutely no feeling toward wire-mentions. Like...I am highly 'over it.' By that I mean, I don't take offense...I just laugh about it.

I know they look like we all just pretend they dont exist and move on with our lives?

Pretty please.

Fine. Be that way. I gotta go brush now...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Post-Surgery Derm Appointment

Soooooo you wouldn't think about your skin necessarily, when planning for jaw surgery. But -- you should. skin seriously went through hell after my face expanded 10 sizes, then back to normal.

So, today I was back at the dermatologist for the first time. It had been a while. Literally, the dude was like..."Umm, yeah...we have our work cut out for us." Yah. I know. Thanks, Doc.

So, Save the Wired Lady's Skin is in full force! Really, every day I feel like I add a new doctor to my life. I have accumulated quite an 'entourage.'

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wired Lady Confession

Ok. So. What if I sometimes clean the gunk out of my braces with the back end of my earring?!??!

I'll fess up. Anyone got a problem with it?

Well, perhaps you would, if you too were sitting in your car, at a red light, wondering what they hell was going on in the car next to you....

Monday, July 14, 2008

Wired in Sin City

This weekend braces represented in VEGAS - big time!!! It was a fabulous weekend with my favorite girlfriends. Lots of fun, sun and some fantastic cocktails!