Sunday, December 7, 2008

Elementary School Kids Are Mean

My boss's daughter came to work last week. I hadn't seen her in a while. Lots of poeple were standing around. The first thing out of her mouth, "HA! You still have BRACES!!!!"

Thanks, hun.

How do I recover from a 9 year old pointing at my face?


Anonymous said...

You ask your ortho for a headgear to move your front teeth back a tad more (this might just do the trick once and for all (sorry WL)), and then you finally get your braces off, and then you ask for a glued on "behind your teeth" retainer....then no more wired lady at risk for mean comments.

mcgee33 said...

Elementary kids are mean... and obnoxious! Just think about the middle school phase she'll go through soon, that's way worse than braces!

Last year I worked in an elementary school in an inner city neighborhood. Most of the kids there (esp. the younger ones) had never seen braces, or at least not on an adult. They often looked at me with total admiration, I mean big wide-eyed stares with great big drooley smiles. One little girl even told me she liked my grilles!

Funny to think of grilles on a 47 year old white woman! But, I did rap in church once a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

I remember what Simon did to Sandra May McIntyre aka Paula Goodspeed on American Idol. What a terrible shame to say such mean things to someone especially someone with disorders and then decide to show it on national/international television. Like you and so many women she needed the attention and the spotlight unfortunately they made a clown of her. Take care of yourself and don't let what others say bother you too much.

Neesh said...

LMAO. Kids are definitley brutal. They're very honest due to their lack of discretion, lol. You have to forgive the rugrat, she's young!