Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What the Hell is This?!

I'm home for the holiday at my parent's house and while digging through the old jewelry box found...THIS!

The question is...what the hell is it?

At first I thought it was a retainer, but at second it a mouth guard? I don't remember ever playing a sport that required a mouth guard. Swim team never required any dental protection.

But look how straight those chompers used to be!


Anonymous said...

looks like a positioner....i wore one for one briefly after my earlier set of braces were removed. couldn't breathe while wearing it so i ended up wearing hawley retainers instead.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wired Lady:
Good grief!!!! looks like you are getting ready for your debracing. Between this contraption and the gold retainer, I think your unconscious might be telling you that your days in braces are numbered. What will become of you wired lady? No more ortho and dr. relle appointments, and no more close ups of your bling. I think I'm already going into wired lady withdrawal, and you are the one with a great new smile, and about to lose your dental crown jewels. How sad. Are you crying yet? and what will steve the BFF do without your dental jewels, and oi vey, god help us all, where will Melanie Goldberg of Beverly Hills perch her evil claws in blog land. Maybe your ortho will consider leaving your crown jewels in place for at least another year, so that you, and your blogger fans will have enough time to say your proper good byes.


Anonymous said...

Hi everybody, Happy New Year! It’s time for us to begin exchanging all of those gifts. My thank you cards will gratefully describe the wrong pattern, color, size when it’s obvious it’s the wrong label. Oh WL why would you keep such a grotesque item? I’ll bet it’s because you paid too much for it also, huh, did I get it right? Thanks for posting a pic of it for whatever reason, I guess…

Personally, I think some here have already broken their New Years resolutions? So, this year I resolve to work on my figure, that’s right I’m going to have breast augmentation surgery and maybe a little adjustment to my nose. My second resolution is to help some of the poor unfortunate, helpless and hopeless bloggers that are too fixated on their orthodontia. Oh Samira, helloooo! that should be sub-conciousness and Dr. Relle and Steve should be in capitals, they're names and titles.
Oh, everyone please practice tolerance this year.

Melanie Goldberg of Beverly Hills, California

Anonymous said...

melanie, melanie when will you ever learn?
this is wired lady's blog, and the blog is about braces and surgery....screw your nit picky elitist boloney about english fing grammar....since you wear those ridiculous plastic braces that you got at the ortho discount house last year, you have no business blogging your jappie opinions here on wl's awesome blog. bug off melanie, bug off!!!!!
Ramona Hill, Fresno, CA

Anonymous said...

Helloooo you,
Just back from returning some not so wanted gifts. Wrong pattern, wrong label, wrong color and just wrong and wrong as a creepy person who posts with different names under the same ISP. Whoops Steve the BF didn’t we know how to check the properties of posters? Whoops exposed! Embarrassing?
Apparently I’ve irked the WL and she wants to be done with me. What? Because she feels I’ve hijacked her blog. Please don’t be so jealous unfortunate few. Someday you maybe loved and appreciated, maybe?

Practice tolerance

Melanie Goldberg of Beverly Hills, California

ShelFo from VA said...

How could you forget what this is? I too had one just like it, but unlike the WL threw it out a few years back. ;) It's our mouth-guards from powderpuff football! Good memories. I believe we were the star players.... oh wait a minute, there were so many stinking girls that I think I played a total of 2 minutes!

Good seeing you over the holidays!

changes911 said...

I just have to say I read so many pages of your blog today! You are just so entertaining! Have you ever thought of writting a book? I'd buy it! I hope that you get your braces off soon. I am crossing my fingers for you! x

Anonymous said...

Melanie are you related to Whoopi Goldberg?