Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wire-Free and Proud to Be --- My Favorite Holiday Photo

This was a hilarious attempt by my father to take the yearly Cousins Christmas Photo. Say hello to Aunt Barbie...again!

Any photo where I have escaped a flash of metal, is one, you know...I gotta share.


mcgee33 said...

I have to say... you are a stinker! With your post title, I was getting all excited. And then I click on the link and there's this picture of a woman's back! What's that all about!? Then, I read this is a 'wire-free' picture! You are a stitch! When do they REALLY come off?

miya said...

Wow i am so glad i just found your blog! I am getting my braces on tomorrow (2nd time for me too!) in preparation for my summer-scheduled jaw surgery! i look forward to reading your new (and old) posts!!

Loretta said...

I'm glad you were able to escape that holiday picture without having to flash your braces. I guess I got quite lucky when my dentist in Bartlett, TN decided to remove my braces just before Christmas. Hooray for the delicious Christmas treats!