Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Waaaay Better Than Birthdays!

I have to be honest, I tried not to think about the day I was scheduled to get my braces off because I really didn't think it was going to happen.

Oh and you know what, it almost didn't (soooo my life). So, on Thursday, Steve met me at the ortho for the 'big day' with his camcorder in hand...and we waited. They took the wires out...and then decided to put them back in! Back and forth...back and forth. Apparently, a bottom tooth moved and the doc was trying to force it back. Fiiinally, it was time...they took the top ones off first...than when the tooth on the bottom had moved -- they uninstalled the bottoms. I totally forgot how much getting your braces off hurt -- a lot of yanking that is not so very all.

But then...once they were off -- it was a magical day!!! Better than any birthday imaginable. I got this fantastic gift basket of goodies from the ortho's office -- including lots of gummy things...and a special framed certificate (that now hangs in my office) that says "Congrats Ortho Student you Have Graduated!!!"....

...sadly that bottle is non-alcoholic. Then I go to work...and I find out my parents sent me flowers!!!....

All day long people are saying " you look beautiful" and ya di da di da....they don't do THAT on your birthday!-- crazy!! And....people give Mike & Ikes and gummy Life Savers as gifts....sooo goood!!

And then lots and lots of celebrating!! Everyone wants to have a margarita with me!

If you still have your braces on...just you wait -- it's a day like no other -- I really had never thought about it -- but it was fantastic!!!

Thanks to everyone for your such kind's an amazing feeling of being loved.

...Did I mention I was crying on the way to the ortho's office when I was going to get them off? What an emotional journey -- I couldn't believe I had survived. I was more emotional when I got my braces off than when I graduated from college...what a ride.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Meet the Wire-LESS Lady!

More pictures later...promise!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Prepare the Mexican Celebration!

They are coming off on Thursday, April 23rd at 9:10 AM PDT.

Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!! Can you believe it?! I really can't.

Wait till I share the rubber band freakin' madness I have in my mouth till next week. 4 bands -- one's not pretty. But who cares?!?!

What's 9 more days of rubber and metal?!?! Gosh that sounds dirty.

Monday, April 13, 2009

So Freakin' Close

So, I was at the ortho on Thursday and really walked in with a can-do attitude.

The assistants asked the usual..."how are you?" but today instead of the usual "ooh fiiine," I replied "realllllly hoping for some gooood news!!!!" This method totally worked!

The doc comes over....checks and says...."The next time you're here...we'll take them off!!!!!!"

I almost peed in my pants!!!!

But....because this is MY life....

the doc proceeds to do a little 'detailing' and then says, "you know what...i really want to give it three more weeks."


Luckily I used the BF as an excuse -- and said..."you know I'm throwing a party of my boyfriend and oh gosh, ya know, it would be sooo swell if I could have them off before then...blah blah blah"

Soooo she says...ok --- instead of coming back in three weeks for a check-up, come back in a week.


So, I go to schedule an appointment at the front desk and all the receptionist has open is on Tuesday - soooo like 4 days later -- ha.

I wasn't going to pass that up! I said...yes! So, I am praying my teeth have moved since Thursday afternoon -- because I'm going there tomorrow morning.

More updates soon! Fingers crossed...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Sad Donkey

For some reason, the rubber band bag of bands I am currently using has a sad donkey on the side of it. I have a few thoughts on this...
  1. Why would the manufacturers of ortho rubber bands decide a donkey, let alone a sad donkey, would be appropriate to put on the side of a bag?
  2. Aren't donkeys known for their horrendous teeth?
  3. Sort of ironic that this is my rubber band bag at this stage in the game.
Back at the ortho on Thursday.