Monday, December 22, 2008

Wired at the Airport

Hi All -- I'm just waiting at the airport...

I made the mistake of having popcorn before I left -- and you know how this goes...2 hours after of continuing to find goodies in the wires.

Of course my flight was delayed. What else is new?


Anonymous said...

Hi Gang! It’s Melanie, I’m just having a fresh mani-pedi for the holidays and I thought I would try my new French tips on the keys while they finish my toes. I just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays and also I wanted to point out that bashing or whining have almost disappeared from this blog since I posted last. I was so delighted when I noticed how pleasant the posts are again. OMG you know how vicious some people can get when they’re jealous, well I sure got an unbelievable dose the last time I posted here. Soooo…. This time I decided I would just really say well – nothing and see what happens.Oh,I nearly forgot the big question!

Who eats popcorn with braces? Yuckey, duh!

Oh well, ta ta

Melanie Golberg of Beverly Hills, California

Marissa said...

Sorry to hear your flight's delayed. Hope it takes off soon!! Have a fantastic trip! Are you and Steve the BF back for New Year's Eve?

Mar Mar of Sherman Oaks, California

Anonymous said...

Poor Melanie doesn't have a life. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Melanie, I think you spelled your own name wrong... watch out for that.

Anonymous said...

Melanie, get a freekin' life. Please go post somewhere else! We really don't care to hear your stupid thoughts about anything.