Sunday, December 21, 2008

4 Bands. 1 Lady

So, as you heard, Friday I was at the ortho. It went down pretty much as expected. I left with more metal in my mouth and no word on when they would ever be removed.

The doc's concerned because I kind of have the opposite problem I went in with. Now, all my front teeth touch beautifully but...not many of the back -- lovely.

So, the good news rolled on - now, I'm wearing four rubber bands. You can't see the two in the waaaaay back in this picture. But the two triangles in the front are definitely...there. And...strong as all hell.

In other good news, as the dental assistant put it, "The Mother of All Wires" was put in my mouth. Like -- there are no more after this...this is as heavy as it gets. The assistant also told me she didn't want to lie...this sucker is gonna hurt. And she was correct. My teeth haven't been numb like this since I first got the braces.

This was taken last night at the UCB Midnight Show. Please take note of the amount of grey in my mouth, compared to whitish-yellow. Any see any teeth? Not anymore, riiight?

Tonight I'm packing up the dental gear and getting ready to fly home tomorrow night.

Oh wait -- question....does anyone have a dental brand of tiny brushes they like to use in between their wires? The GUM ones I have suck -- I can't seem to find any strong ones. And yes, I did get seriously flak for hygiene at the appointment. So...yet again...I'm stepping up my game (errr...trying to).


Anonymous said...

hope your parental units are feeling good and guilty for giving you dna that has loaded you down with orthodontic hell (just kidding...I actually thought it was neat when wired dad came for a visit on your should get him on camera again). Your bands look intense, and I am sure I will be wearing the exact configuration you have (have the hooks for this travesty on my metal brackets)---any tips on managing those suckers will be appreciated. Hope you have a great time back home wired from home if you get a chance, and slap the nosy bodies if they ask you when your braces are coming off. You are awesome and thanks for creating the best ortho blog available...

Aimee said...

Hi WL,

My ortho gives me proxy brushes that work really well. I couldn't find the exact ones online, but on my brush, it says " Dentaid, interprox plus"
I make sure I get a bunch of them at each visit since I can't find them in the store.

Anonymous said...

It seems like you didn't have much of a change in your appearance after your surgery. Do you notice much of a change?

Anonymous said...

I use dentec- I buy them at wal-mart here in Florida. Don't know if you have one in CA, but they are over by the tooth brushes and stuff. They come in a pack of 5 or 6 and they are great for everything! They are kinda like a proxy brush, but a little stiffer. I still chalk my clean teeth up to my oral b pro toothbrush. Did you ever get one like you wanted? That thing has a little brush attachment that works great. If you don't have one buy it for your self it will be the best 100 bucks you ever spend!

Merry Christmas!

Wired Lady said...

Thanks for the tips, Everyone!!

And to Anonymous #2 -- I can tell the jaw is definitely wasn't is hard to tell from the homepage pic of me before surgery...but if you look at older pics from last year, you'll probably spot a different.

Anonymous said...

I understand this comment might be a little too late....but I like the Dentek brand.

Congrats on your final wire, WL. I get mine in a week and am super excited.

Anonymous said...

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Bruce said...

Wired lady, I hope your ortho will remove your braces soon. I used to wear braces when I was a teen and I remember I couldn't wait for the ortho to take them off. Luckily, my teeth hasn't moved since then and they still look pretty good thanks to my dentist (Hilton Head based) for taking good care of them. And it is nice that after so many dental appointments I've made, I was able to befriend almost all of the dentists. Hilton Head residents are truly lucky for having excellent oral health care professionals.