Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Freak?! Happy Halloween!

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The sad part is, this really didn't require much of a costume. And I am totally wearing this to work today.

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Free dental floss to anyone who can accurately guess what Megan and Rose are suppose to be!!!

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I kid you not, at this Halloween party on Saturday, strangers actually asked to take pictures with us. How creepy/incredibly SAD is that??!?!

The question on everyone's mind..."Where did you get the braces???!"

My answer...



bridget said...

A friend of mine was Ugly Betty for Halloween last year and it was also a big hit. His outfit was not nearly as accurate as yours, however; we had to create the Guadalajara poncho out of an old sheet, and suffice it to say that he did not look as good in the fake braces.

nabukay said...

lol! this is without a doubt your best post! thanks wired lady seriously you crack me up every time!!

nabukay said...

oh and i don't know why but i get bored when i watch ugly betty. why the hype? she's cute and everything but i don't think that show is too great.

Aimee said...

I love it!!

Michelle said...

Ahh...Chips & Dip? Tostito Queen? hmm...I'll keep pondering.