Saturday, October 6, 2007

Aloha Trader Joe's

Just add it to the Wired Lady Hate List...

When the stoner cashier at my 'neighborhood grocery store,' Trader Joe's tell me... I should smile more.

Goshhhh, thanks so freakin' much.

After using my braces as an excuse for not smiling, his holier-than-though explanation of how irrelevant braces were to him, made me want to throw my wasabi rice puffs straight at his face. All I wanted was some $2 wine...not life coaching!

On a side know you've lived in L.A. too long AND need to go to the optometrist think the car in front has a license plate holder that reads, "Jesus Loves Yoga!" Honestly, sat there for a few minutes thinking this was ok. Hell, I was at Trader Joe's.

After moving my car a little closer, came to understand it actually read, "Jesus Loves You!"

Oh. My appointment is a week from Wednesday.


Chris K said...

You know you've lived in LA too long when you... well... live in LA.

allison said...

I hate unsolicited advice from strangers.

Aimee said...

I love living in L.A. :)
Besides, if she didn't live in L.A., she wouldn't have all these fun stories to tell.