Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wired Lunch Breaks

Tomorrow I take my lunch break at the good ol' orthodontist's office because that's what the cool 'working' kids with braces do. Forget power lunches, I prefer to do my networking with my favorite 12 and 13-year-olds.

Oooh yes, it's time yet again to check the progress and for them to slap a new, heavier, uglier wire right on these puppies. And you know what a heavier wire means, right?! Oh yes, it means Cranky Wired Lady will be visiting tomorrow evening.

Those close in proximity know it's wise to have the wine chilled.

What I hope to accomplish tomorrow with my 30 seconds with the doctor:
1 - Agree that my teeth have moved
2 - Tell me my constant jaw pain is because my teeth have moved, and not from the gummy bears
3 - Tell me we are ahead of schedule
4 - Tell me the braces will be removed next month - errr, before 2010?
5 - Validate my parking


nabukay said...

dude, i read your post about the contacts. i can't even remember the last time i wore contacts cos i had to switch to dailies. anyway i'm going to post a pic really soon. but the point of my comment is that i wear glasses and braces. ao yeah i think you look fine. as for the little kids at the orthodontists, well i teach sunday school and tomorrow i make my debut...

Wired Lady said...

Teaching Sunday School in braces and glasses?! I love it! You will certainly get some excellent material out of that.