Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wired on Tylenol

Sorry I didn't get everyone a super-exciting update yesterday on my much-anticipated check-in at the orthodontist's office. I was...welp...overdosing on Tylenol and tequila, in every attempt to make the pain in my jaw, along with numbness of every tooth in my mouth, go away. I was successful only in that I was asleep on a Friday night by 8:30 PM. How sad is it when I can't even stay awake to watch "Friday Night Lights?" -- Never mind the fact that I am actually home on a Friday all excited to watch FNL, in the first place., yes...the appointment was everything I expected it to be. I told the doctor how much my jaw hurts, the constant headaches, etc. She agreed that I was in a lot of pain, and tried to figure out what the hell to do about it. The pain has basically gotten worse A) because my teeth have completely shifted and now only one tooth touches when I bite B) because I only have one tooth touching, I only have one tooth to eat with and C) as of lately, I haven't given a shit about what I eat -- let's just say, almonds and gummies have been fair game. All of this...not so good.

Her first plan.....THIS
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It's some sort of splint to help alleviate pain. Um...when the hell am I ever going to wear this thing? It's completely bizarre.

Second plan, for me to go back to the soft food diet.
Welp...that will proooobably only last a day or two. Oh wait, it's already over.

And last, for me to return next Thursday for her to re-cement (ugh I hate that word) a few things and um....create some sort of brace for my teeth to rest on when I close my mouth?! I'm sure it will be highly attractive and super helpful.

It's lunchtime...which boring soup will I have today? Sorry, I'm a little cranky. Could you tell?


Kristy Clucas said...

Unfortunately i totally feel your pain. this is exactly what prompted me to have surgery for the 2nd time as the lower jaw had recessed so much only my back right molar touched, very painful. Its funny how people dont understand the pain that comes with it, as from the outside you look normal and beautiful, but inside theres so much pain. Im sorry you have to go through with this and hopefully your ortho can offer sone short term fixes for now as ugly as they might having constant pain!

Wired Lady said...

surgery for a second time?! what happened?!

Kristy Clucas said...

check out my first ever post and it will explain all.