Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wires Don't Know Meat

As an assistant, I tend to wear many 'hats.' So, this evening, as my boss ran to a meeting, she asked I call ahead and order Ribs USA for pick-up. Easy enough, right?! That's what I thought...until I was asked by the scratchy-voiced man taking my order, "baby back or beef?" What? Ugh! I didn't ask her! I have no clue!

Lesson learned -- as an individual with braces, I know nothing about ribs. This may be a stretch but seriously, no idea. Wired assistants should be allowed to forfeit this request.

All I can say is...thank goodness for interns! After hearing my complete confusion over the phone, Anishka so confidently yelled out, "baby back!!!!" For such a super-skinny young gal, she does know meat. And...no surprise here...also has beautiful teeth.

My time in wires is full of so many super-exciting revelations. Don't you agree? Ha.

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