Friday, October 26, 2007

Home is Where...The Brushing Station Hits My Knees

Yesterday I was at my home away from home...the orthodontist's office.

The good. Speculation I will be seeing Dr. Relle, the oral surgeon, at the beginning of the year.

The bad. Going back to my home away from home for some re-cementing, realigning and whatever else they do.

The ugly. The cost of additional xrays and molds. Hooray!

Today's forecast from KNBC in Los Angeles, SUNNY & SMOKEY!
Have a great day Everyone!
Breathe in that quality O2.

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liz said...

haha. i know, i feel like the big kid that got held back in 5th grade each time i go. on monday as i was leaving the ortho office one of the kids asked me why i got clear bands when i could have gotten orange for halloween. where is my halloween spirit? hope you didn't make the same mistake i did.