Monday, October 15, 2007

Just Because You Know How to Create a Smoky Eye Does Not Mean You Can Dis the Dentals

Tonight I discovered the Number One Place Not to Go If You Are An Adult with Braces....

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That's right, the Clinique makeup counter.

SPECIFICALLY, the Clinique makeup counter inside of Bloomingdales (the Macys counter was kinder to the wires). I only had to stop by to pick up a few 'necessities' -- I didn't think I would experience the judgmental stares of metal horror. I swear, it's like the girl couldn't even look me in the eye. Ugh.

AND to make matters worse, I was stupid enough to look at my TEETH in their Super-Magnified 3,000 Vanity Mirror. OH. MY. GOD. What the hell was I thinking? Honestly, I think the mirror is now cracked at the reflection of dental disgust. No concealer was gonna cover up these puppies. I grabbed the 'Navy Black Eyeliner' and ran to meet for margaritas. It was just one of those nights.

Thank goodness I left when I did. Clinique would have made bank on my shattering self-esteem.

In other news from the oh-so-happy Wired Lady, my jaw has been throbbing for days. I thought it was because I slept on my face weird (ever happen to you?) but it is not going away. Even my best friend Excedrin isn't providing support. Friday I'm back at the ortho...hope they're ready for the sass.

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