Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Pathetic Existence

What happiness is to the Wired Lady...
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...that's right, it's a coupon for a free Crest Pro-Health Night Rinse!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! It's gonna be a wild time at Ralph's next weekend! Watch out crazy mom shoppers who love taking three times as long in line with all your fancy-shmancy coupons and discount cards. The battle is on!

Another suburb bonus for WL today...
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...that's right, with the coupon in this weekend's paper (hint hint...go. now.), I fully took advantage of receiving a free Crest Pro-Health Nighttime toothpaste with...the purchase of one. Two for the price of one! Rock on.

Haven't tried it yet. I'll let you know if it truly leads to a "cleaner mouth in the morning."

Is this seriously my life?
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Kristy Clucas said...

always puts a smile on my face to read your blogs! Keep up the good work

Wired Lady said...

thanks, kristy!

John said...

Can you please give me your review of the Crest Pro-Health Night Rinse?

I just started seeing a few commercials for it and am curious as to how well it works(whitening teeth, killing/preventing bad breath, etc.) and if there are any complaints

I've read a sundry of negative reviews on the regular NON-night Pro-Health Rinse where people claim that it stains their teeth and leaves an unwanted taste for most of the day. People say it doesn't leave the "fresh-mouth" feeling. I can only find 1 review of the night rinse.

I hope to hear from you.