Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blind with Braces

I swear, my situation just keeps getting better and better.

Today I took a much-needed trip to the optometrist. You know it's bad when I feel like I'm back at school and can't read the chalkboard...only now I can't see the computer lcd in the conference room.

It turns out the Wired Lady now has an 'astigmatism' in her left eye - so I totally have to get two separate contact prescriptions - one for each eye. How cool am I? Right now, how much do I sound like those cheesy contact commercials with the two girls bouncing on the bed?

Anyhow, the best part is...when I tell my mother about this she says, "Oh. No. Does that mean you'll get Dad's lazy eye?!" WHAaaaaat!? Could the genes in my fam get any better?! My father not only gave me bad skin, varicose veins (haven't mentioned that one yet), and I am soon the winner of a LAZY EYE!!!!???

Gosh, I can't wait to start networking with braces AND a lazy eye! I will surely make friends. Ooooh the life of the Wired Lady is one of dental pain, high insurance bills and...reaaaaally blurry vision. Is it me or do my genes automatically equate complete nerd (sorry, Dad)? If only the brains were more present.

No more complaining. Please do not send my application to "Tyra." As Stephanie R likes to say, "It's not that serious." Ha.

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