Monday, August 4, 2008

Sleepy Braced-Face Lady

SUCH a fun weekend but wedding traveling and wedding dancing and wedding drinking and wedding explaining-my-post-surgery-braced-'situation'-is...exhausting. I am so out of it -- seriously. Can I take a week off to recover? Pretty please.

The G family wedding was GORGEOUS and it was so sweet of so many people to ask how I was feeling. The weird thing is -- it feels like my surgery in March was years and years ago. It's doesn't impact my life at all any more -- only that I have to explain why the braces are still on. That's about it. Oh. And the constant thought pattern of 'Where the hell is the bill gonna arrive?' -- every time I check my mailbox. Fun. Stuff.



Anonymous said...

I am blown away that your recent surgery already feels like it was ages ago. That is great news. I am about 9 to 12 months away from my surgery, and I feel so
smack dab in the middle of it all--I can't wait until I can safely say my surgery felt like it took place ages ago. Thanks for sharing there is light at the end of the tunnel. Best wishes for a speedy debanding. Hope you will continue this awesome blog once you get to "retainerville."

Anonymous said...

hey! Okay, I feel weird leaving you a message as you're probably going to feel very invaded and stalked that a complete stranger from the South read your blog! I am a twenty year old student at the University of South Carolina. I have a class 3 underbite and (although my parents dispute this) was practically born with metal in my mouth. I had retainers at age 6, braces at age 8, an expander (God awful) at age 12, braces from ages 12-14. I somehow survived my middle school metal experience but as a rising Junior in college my bite has gotten increasingly worse and my teeth have shifted b/c my bite is improper.

My dentist, also a family friend, has reccomended jaw surgery since high school. I am torn between whether or not I want to go through with the surgery mainly because of the braces and my age. They have to "correct" your bite before they fix it.

At an age when you're life revolves around dollar beer nights, shallow spring breaks, pizza gouging, all-nighters supported by sugary caffeinated drinks, study abroad opportunities, sorority functions, and photo-ops at your FRIENDS WEDDINGS- is jaw surgery and it's process right for me?

I am mainly concerned with how braces will affect my professional life post graduation (or if they will at all.) I aspire to work in the field of communications either in print journalism or Public Relations. Both require public speaking/ presenting/etc. I fear my speech will be affected by braces and or surgery. I also fear that it will not make me a competitive candidate compared to other undergraduates when searching for a job. Have you seen the Sex in the City where Miranda gets braces? Is that just a television exaggeration of braces, women and the workplace? Have you had any negative experience? If so how do you deal with it? Do you have any incite on these topics?

Hope you're not too creeped out! I would love to get a perspective from someone who's not taking my money and wearing a white coat. Congrats on the successful surgery! cheers!

many thanks,