Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Blast from the Past

Infamous Lorna, the admin lady from Dr. Relle's office, called today. It's been a while since I heard from her. She left a message on my work phone and actually said, "Hi there. Not sure if you remember me but I work at Dr. Relle's office."

Whaaaat? Lorna?! Seriously?! Not sure if I would remember you? Um ... pretty sure I'll remember you on my death bed.

So ... nice to hear Lorna's voice. Not good to hear Lorna's voice when she tells be mother f-iiiiiing Blue Cross is refusing to paaaaaaaaaay.

Fan-freakin'-tastic. Let the battle begin ...

I am breathing. I am breathing. I am calm. How the hell do ya do a GD yoga breath again?! I knew I should have continued that after-work activity.

1 comment:

Katherine said...

Oooh, this is one of my jaw surgery nightmares! You'll make it through whatever ropes you must. Sometimes it seems like insurance companies send those letters just to see if we will pay 'em without complaint. Hang in there.