Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You Look Different

Tonight I treated myself to spicy vegetable soup and pad Thai from my favorite 'B' - rated Thai restaurant, Piriya. I hadn't been since surgery and on top of that, haven't even ordered for lunch delivery at work. I knew I was walking into a battle zone -- as the owner, no matter how often I order, always gives me crap for not ordering enough.

So, I walk in and the owner, says ..."You look different." After 13 hours at work, I didn't feel up to playing the "Let Me Explain My Bizarre Dental Scenario Game." So, I played dumb. "What?! Ohhh? I just look really tired -- that must be it."

Her response. "No, no ... you look really different. AH! I know -- you are ... taller!"

We chalked it up to the Kors heels and said our goodbyes.

Sometimes people are worth the investment of time and energy to explain why one would have her mouth wired shut -- and some ... no matter how good their shrimp and noodles are ... are not.

Pick your dental-explanatory battles wisely.

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