Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not Quite the News I Wanted to Hear

Action-packed day at the ortho's office ...

There was some teeth 'sawing' -- some wire 'adjusting' -- and MOST unfortunately, some bandage 'adding.' Yup, that's right. Now, on top of the 'bling' and 'decorations' of my current mouth, I can add to that list a rubber band 'power chain' ... across the front!!!! Gabby, the assistant, tried to calm me by insisting "it's clear" but ... this almost concerns me more -- um .... hello Diet Coke addiction?! That thing will be 100% nasty by 3 PM tomorrow. Won-der-ful!!!

In other news -- OOOOOOH the idea of my braces coming off before Christmas is .... "pushing it!" To clue everyone in ... because the braces were first put on in March of '07, the Doc technically believes her contract to me is until March of '08 (2 years - one year before, and one year after surgery). Sooooo to HER.....FEB. 29th would be GIVING!

Also --- look at this!!!!!
Welp, actually ... thanks to my somewhat lame camera zoom, you probably can't see this too well, but under 'ORAL HYGIENE' - there is a big, red 'X' marking "Missing a few places!"

Oh yes, Wired Lady --slapped on the wrist.

Sooooo none of these were given....

And instead, restocked with my favorite rubber bands -- which...
... are annoyingly EVERYWHERE -- that's right, in every crevice of my bathroom, car, bedroom, kitchen, etc!!!!!! I swear, I will be celebrating my unborn child's high school graduation and still finding these suckers.

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Michelle said...

It's obvious to me the ortho team loves you and wants to keep your "wired lady" persona alive and kicking. I also got a lovely power chain across my top teeth today. So not cool!