Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Please Forgive Me Father...For I Have Sinned

Last night something HUGE happened in the life of Wired Lady -- I...ran...out of -- dental floss! No, REALLY! I never thought this could possibly happen --- as I have been bulk buying since the beginning of this ortho 'adventure' -- but it happened. Absolutely NONE anywhere in my bathroom. None at the bottom of my purse. Nada inch anywhere inside my many work totes...nothing!

What did this mean? How could I let such an embarassing mistake occur? This doesn't mean I have slacked on my ortho-behaviors, does it? Ahhhhh. Ummm...probably true.

Today - the ortho diet kicked back into shape. I went straight to Ralphs and bought the finest floss my fine Ralphs Card could get me a discount on. Hello Kroger non-name brand! Holla.

I'm back.

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