Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good Luck With That, Lady!

Saturday morning I have an appointment for a cleaning. As the workaholic I am, you know I LOVE that I can go to the dentist on a Saturday -- riiight?!

Ok. So, with this mouth of metal and fancy bands and junks...all I can say to that poor lady who will be digging into this mess is...

Good LUCK!! Damn...she's got her work cut out for her! Hell, hope she's a morning person!

And not to be 'sexist' -- but I just have never had a male at Dr. Nancy's -- but that's cool too.

Oh and...this is how great of a girlfriend I am..."Hey, Steve...on Saturday morning, think you can drop me off at Firestone to get my oil changed, and then drop me off at the dentist?" His response..."Wow. Hot."

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