Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Please, No More Drugs...

How is it that the meds the urgent care doctor gave me for the flu were stronger than any meds I got from jaw surgery? Seriously. I have never gotten more sick from antibiotics -- till this week.

So, after the lovely post with Daddy Wired Lady, the medicine kicked in and literally...I was out! Like...could not stand up -- the world is spinning -- I am high as a kite -- no way I can drive to work, stoned. It was CRAZY!

While the doctor insisted on me taking all 10 days of pills -- I had to call yesterday and beg to stop at 5.

So, while I did get to go back to work today...I am still waiting to see the lovely reaction to the pills being haulted. Fun. Fun. Fun. Is it me or is everyone sick with the flu all of a sudden?

Oh -- and sorry about not getting a chance to share Mamma Wired Lady...but she did make a cameo in the surgery video back in March. You have to watch closely.

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