Saturday, October 4, 2008

Braces Helpful in Finding Apartments?

Today Steve and I went on the hunt for an apartment. Yes, big news in the Wired Lady world -- movin' in with the BF. Yup, that's me, the Wired Lady who will be livin' in sin but ya know what, the truth is, I'm stick of living out of my car and packing bags every night's time to...(cough cough) commit - oh and I really want to live with Steve. Any who....

Sooo anyway -- as luck would have it...the FIRST place we saw today...we LOVED!

AND...the landlord was so sweet! Complete luck, right?

Well, we turned in our applications and now we wait to see if the WL credit line is a 'yay' or a 'nay.'

No surprise here -- the landlord totally took note of my braces and asked when I'm getting them off. What?! Does everyone in this world have to ask me this question?!

Will braces help in the 'nice' factor of the application process. How could a poor and innocent Wired Lady possible be a bad tenant, riiiiight?!


Brian Conti said...

good luck on the apartment. I have my fingers crossed that if you happen to get it, you're still within spitting distance of steph...not that you'd want to spit at her, or maybe you would. actually, I'm not sure what she's doing out there right now, so maybe she has it coming. :D

great seeing you guys the other night. we had a lot of fun and it'll be cool to see you guys again over the holidays. take care, steph.

Steve said...

Well the braces certainly didn't help, seeing as we totally GOT THE APARTMENT! Now you don't have to pack bags anymore! And, uh, oh yeah, I guess you get to live with me.

RMS said...

Hey Wired Lady,

Is your jaw surgery going to be with a Dr. Relle by any chance? You know anyone who has worked with him? I'm due for surgery in March and not feeling very confident about it but I hear he's good.

Any info would help... thanks!


WiredLady said...

Yes! Relle was the man! My surgery was in March with Relle. He is the BEST!

Steve The BF said...

Not to mention, Relle has gentle hands! I saw him work on the Wired Lady. Like a ship in a bottle!