Thursday, July 17, 2008

Post-Surgery Derm Appointment

Soooooo you wouldn't think about your skin necessarily, when planning for jaw surgery. But -- you should. skin seriously went through hell after my face expanded 10 sizes, then back to normal.

So, today I was back at the dermatologist for the first time. It had been a while. Literally, the dude was like..."Umm, yeah...we have our work cut out for us." Yah. I know. Thanks, Doc.

So, Save the Wired Lady's Skin is in full force! Really, every day I feel like I add a new doctor to my life. I have accumulated quite an 'entourage.'


Michelle Verges said...

I was just thinking the same thing today - like, "Really, do I need another doctor in my life right now?" My face says yes, but I'm hoping this flare up will soon pass without adding another doc to my roster.


Katherine said...

My face is so bad right now (being cursed for such clear skin throughout teenage years ~karma's a Beeotch) I'm hoping surgery will clear the snot out of it. opposites, right? Not holding my breath, though! :)

Kiwikaren said...

Here's to your skin improving quickly and things getting back to how they were pre surgery.

You gotta love medical people ... what would be doing without them!

Rachel said...

My skin is crazy right now. I have weird dry patches and then little breakout spots too. Its wild that sugery can make send your skin into a tailspin. I'm thinking I might need a facial. Let me know how it goes!

Christy M said...

Don't worry, you're not supposed to know me, but I've been following your blog ever since I too had jaw surgery a few months ago. It's way too much fun (your blog, not the surgery...)! So I had to comment when I read about you going to the derm, because I just made an appointment myself to go see my derm because my skin has gone to hell post-surgery, too. I don't recall this being in the list of side effects alongside permanent nerve damage etc etc etc. The medical profession is getting a lot of business out of me. Good luck! :)