Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Earthquake, Shakes: Ortho Structure, Strong

If it wasn't for my ortho and surrounding dental 'family' being in the Los Angeles area, I swear I would have fled home to the east coast yesterday after...the quake. Those close to me know I freak out at the smalled trembles, so, as you can imagine, the violent rattling of my 14-story office building was not taken well.

While I'm not packing to leave for good...I am packing tonight for the big Guerrieri family wedding in Columbus. Yes, that's right...another wedding...another mouthful of braces. While I never disclosed this secret, I was silently hopeful the wires may be off in time for this family appearance. Oh. How. Wrong. I. Was.

Better make sure I have enough travel-sized Listerine...

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