Sunday, September 14, 2008

Help! Deep Cleaning Tips Needed as many times as I tell myself (on the blog) I will do better with my flossing, brushing, over-hauling, etc....I have not been good.

And now I realized, (eeek!), I have an ortho appointment on Tuesday. Normally, I would be highly excited about this. However, this time...not so much. I am freaking because the teeth are looking (I will say it)...nasty. I will 'come clean' -- no pun intended.

Sooooo, anyone have any last-minute-before-the-ortho cleaning tips? The Listerine is not kickin' it as well as it used to.



jinna said...

Waterpik! :)

Shanda said...

I second that.. I love my WaterPik! A Sonicare also cleans incredibly well! But I've noticed since my surgery my teeth are too sensitive to use the Sonicare all the time. Tickles too much.

Courtney said...

I third the Waterpik! I got one pretty cheap at Target. They are super easy to use and I love mine. My hygenist always asks if I am still using it. Mine has an attachment just for cleaning around the brackets, and a little one for the gum line.

Katherine said...

My OD just gave me a new gum cleaning product today...they're like the pipecleaner things, but smaller and soft. They're called "Soft picks" by gum brand. I like 'em.