Friday, September 5, 2008

Braces + Bobcats + Beer = Happiness

Worrying all year about jaws and surgeries and insurance bills, I have to say...I never thought I would make it to this weekend -- favorite weekend allllll year long!!!

That's right, the Ohio U Bobcat Shuffle!!!! For those of you responsible enough to not know what a 'shuffle' The Magical Bar Crawl! Hello Wired Lady Trying to Pretend Like She's Still in College :)

Last year's 'happiness' looked like this.

The good news is...last year I spent the day explaining why I was suddenly rockin' a 13-year-old wired 'look,' tomorrow I won't have to deal with that! People already know I have braces AND the pepple who notice my face looks a little 'different' will just blame it on the booze.

Hooray for alcohol!

O-H-I-O....go braces! Can you tell I'm happy it's Friday?

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