Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This is NOT for Beautification

What I hate...when people automatically think I have braces to "beautiful my life."

Are you kidding me?! No way would I strap the metal cages on my mouth for 1.5 years (and counting, ugh) for...'beauty.'

Um no...the braces were only an 'accessory' to the major overhaul called jaw surgery, as to prevent a life of pain and misery.

Just had to get that off my chest! Thanks.

I get my hair done to beautify. I put makeup to beautify. I have a rubber band binding one side of my mouth to...well, lose friends.

ps -- why the one side?! really not so sure. apparently one tooth is too high...blah.


laydownsally7 said...

I get that, too. The way people question me about my braces, you'd think I got a boob job. I'm sick of justifying them. I was self-conscious and I could feel my teeth moving! Get over it!

StefHeartsYou said...

Amen! I had a man (i just met btw) tell me that the whole "braces thing" was superficial. I just shot back with "Mine is medical" but it bothers me SO much too! And you know what, even if it was superficial what makes it there business to say anything?

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean . . .Some people get VERY upset.

I had a complete stranger initiate a conversation with "why do you have braces". . .the conversation went down hill very quickly and after he tried to tell me braces were a scam cooked up by orthodontists. I had to end it by telling him my decision to get braces was not his problem and to leave me alone. Strangest response yet!

Kiwikaren said...

People don't mention my having braces ... and after more than three years, most of the time I forget. Maybe because of my age, people don't want to mention my braces ... as they may think I'd disolve in mid life tears or something equally as crazy.

Hope your elastic is doing it's job WL. I've got elastics on both sides, but today the configerations were changed, and although they're both triangles, they've very different!

Enjoy life! :)