Sunday, September 21, 2008


The result of my ortho appointment on Tuesday.

All I can say is....




Upon demanding clarification from the dental assistant I said, "The doc said just at nighttime, right?

DA: "If she wanted it only at night, she would have said."

WL: "Oh. No. I demand confirmation on this."

DA: "Ok." [Goes to ask]

Doctor: "I am only trying to help you get these off sooner than later. I want you wearing all the time."

WL: "Kill me now."


Anonymous said...

honey...i think you will live....3 baby rubberbands won't kill you!!!! come to think of it....they will.....gosh, getting them just on one side of your fricking annoying. Your teeth look really straight, and
healthy. It will all be so worth it in the end. Hang in there!!!!

laydownsally7 said...

Hi, I'm 25 next week and just got braces on... for the second time. Hangin' in there with you.

laura said...

Har! At least you don't have one right across the front of your mouth. I saw a woman with that in Starbucks.

What is the ortho trying to fix with those?

Rachel said...

I think those were the exact words I used the last time I went to the ortho and he slapped one on across the front. I had it like that for five weeks! Not cute. Now, I've got them on one side like you. I keep telling myself its almost over.

Danielle said...

oh dear god i hope that isn't just on one side of your mouth...i couldn't stand the unevenness!

haha as a child i had one rubber band in front, in a big box shape, it was awful!