Thursday, April 19, 2007


It's happening tomorrow. Trying to stay calm. Trying to think of other things. Trying to convince myself I just have a routine dental appointment tomorrow morning. No big deal.

Here I am starting to freak out at work today...
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Here I am freaking out on the drive home from work...
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And here I am as I write this blog, completely freaked out...
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Of course, me being the idiot that I am, I scheduled my appointment in the morning, so I would be sure not to miss work. I have to say, the moment I'm freaking out most is when I arrive at work - in wires!!! This is so not cool. Some people know at work, most people don't. A weird surprise, for sure. I'm debating whether or not to dress up for this event tomorrow. It would be kind of funny if I showed up in a dress at the orthodontist's office. The question is, do I want really bad - over dramatized 'before' pics or somewhat cute 'before' pics? I wonder who will see these 'before' pics? Ha. I'm thinking...I probably will dress up a bit, preparing to feel like the ugliest person in the world upon arrival to work. Perhaps this will counter the emotions?

Speaking of emotions -- Oh, and I know this is more than most of you probably want to know but this is soooo my life. Of's totally pms city right now. Which means, if my shoe laces become untied, I start crying. This especially includes Dove campaign commercials and any baby, animal or old person on television. Yup, that's right - not only tears but the ugly cry. Way to schedule, Stephanie! Thank god being an assistant is really not your forte.

I hope I can sleep tonight. Is it too late for a bottle of wine?

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