Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tomorrow Could Be a Big Day

Tomorrow I'm back at the ortho's office. I don't want to get too excited but tomorrow could be the last check-up [insert scream!!!!].

Please, if you could just send me some happy braces-free vibes, I would oh-so-so appreciate it!

If I get good news...I will post immediately!!!!!


On an incredibly random side note: today in a sexual harassment training session, I asked in front of a room of people if like age, and sex and race...braces-harassment was also covered legally.

His answer was, no.
Braces lose again.


Anonymous said...

good luck wl...the suspense is killing me. i hope you get these braces off tomorrow because if you don't, i may very well have to have a crying jag for you. girlfriend, you have had quite the braces trek. i hope your fondest wish comes to pass for you.

Courtney said...

I got the good news that my braces will come off on April 22! After 3 year of this process I am so excited and sending good thoughts your way. I had a lucky day, you will too. Positive thoughts :)

Metal Mouth said...

NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO - say it isn't so! I've been lurking on your blog for months, commiserating on the hideousness that is braces as an adult. You just can't go! I'm so gonna miss your posts when you're no longer part of the metal mouth club!

I'm only three months in to 30 months of hell - it's goign to be a long lonely journey when you're gone.

Good luck on Monday....

Anonymous said...

I hope you get the good news you're looking for. Although I will miss your posts once you're finished with your treatment.

Anonymous said...

It is a bittersweet day for all of us who have followed you on your braces journey..I love reading your blog and will be sad to no longer read your updates. I myself have felt like I was on this journey with you as I am 21 year old braceface and have been braced for a year now...hope that tomorrow is your big day :)

Patsy said...

Hi Wired Lady, I've been reading your blog posts and I know I've been a couple of months late to congratulate you. I've seen your others posts and you look great. Nice smile girl! Anyway, later I'm going to the Bloomington IL dentists' clinic for checkup. Hope it goes well. I have this terrible toothache. Oh my! Well, thanks for your inspiring posts. You always make me smile.