Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beautiful Teeth Envy



As the days with braces continue...seemingly endlessly...and so my life...I find myself staring more and more at other people's perfect smiles/teeth/veneers/etc. So. Nice.

Today I took note of Mariam's gorgeous teeth and it turns out...not only did they look beautiful...she's in the process of clear braces!! So, she's got that glossy look going on. Niiiice.

I'm not gonna lie...the jealousy is running rampant.


Anonymous said...

I'm not envious. Her teeth look on the fake side from the angle that the photo is shot. She could also use a crown on her upper first molar because that molar seems small relative to the bicuspid and second molar on that side of her mouth. I also like teeth that look
more transluscent...her teeth remind me of the typodont teeth I've seen at the ortho. Wired lady...I bet your teeth, in the end, will look even better than your colleague' sure looked amazing and fabulous when you first did your post surgery unveiling. Love your blog. Thank you for doing it.

Anonymous said... mistake...looks like your colleague's second bicuspid, and not her first molar, is what looks off (size wise) to me....then again, I have some nerve criticizing, since I'm about to start yet another round of metal braces......

Megan said...

I am so there with you sister! I am in definite teeth envy! Can't wait for the braces to come off. Then, teeth whitening here I come!

Orthodontics blog said...

The teeth do look good, but also will ours. I was able to see how my teeth will be after I finish Invisalign (that clear trays thinggy) and I can tell you, I am ready to get Colgate advertisement deals with the teeth I'll be having then :D

We need to keep doing what we do and we'll have perfect teeth too ;)

Kiwikaren said...

Teeth envy ... I so know where you're at! I'm nearly 36 months into this experience and think I was over it before 12!

Here's to your teeth looking amazing and you being thrilled with your results! :-)

Anonymous said...

i envy anyone without braces at this point. damn braces. :(