Monday, June 23, 2008

Man Down... surprise here....after battling with the rubber bands...

Sooooo I got a little frustrated...and....WHOOPS!....the surgical hook (used to loop the band)...popped out.

I'm going to blame it on the poor installation job on the know..instead of admitting to my own lack of patience, extreme frustration, sheer irritation, etc.


So, I gotta get to the ortho. Perhaps this was my backwards way of hoping for some ortho-lovin'. Being that my check-up isn't even till next week. I can't wait any longer!

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Anonymous said...

yikes!!!!!what is your guess about how much longer your braces will be on? by the way, why did you get the metal kind? I'm curious because my new ortho
insisted on metal braces--I decided to go along with his treatment (well, actually, I get them sometime in mid July) because of all the orthos I met, my new doctor was the most rigorous and precise with his evaluation of my ortho issues. He is a diplomate level ortho, plus my oral surgeon said this ortho was impressive with his technical skills---that he achieved tooth movements that other orthos could somehow not pull off. So, I decided to grin and bear the treatment recs, and will be sporting metal braces for the next 18-24 mos. Thank you for your blog---it is really helping me prepare for my upcoming treatment. I love your creativity and your writing. Good luck with the ortho appt you need for the elastics on your braces.