Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wired Lady - Not Quite 'Biting' the Big Apple

If this wasn't my life...I would totally be taking a BITE out of the Big Apple right now. Instead, because I am the Wired Lady, and because this is so my life...I am in my hotel room, sick, with strep throat.

FAN-freakin'- TASTIC, riiiiiiight?

Oh yes, I was bad about blog updates because I was busy at work, preparing for my big-grown-up-girl business trip to NYC. Instead, I was busy getting myself sick and highly contagious. One word -- super.

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Anonymous said...

that fricking sucks!!!!I also came down with some throat ailment from hell. My Os' associate scoped my fricking nose and throat--and prescribed, get this, liquid (viscous 2%) lidocaine to kill the knife like pain in my throat. It helped. Hope you feel better soon. I am in Northern CA...wonder what is going around. Sick in the summer really sucks. Hope this strep throat is behind you soon. Thanks for all you do.