Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cookies Make Braces Happy


Today was a high-action day at home. 'High action' meaning, a day of baking, eating and eating more of what was baking. My belly is so full, yet so happy. Thank goodness cookies are not stopped by braces. I have to say, I am already dreading my dentist visit in the beginning of '08. That poor dental assistant definitely is going to have her work cut out for her.

Happy birthday to the sis -- drink up, LADY!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the apple martini Wired lady!

Steve the BF said...

My favorite cookie! And my favorite girl! Together at last!

Daren said...

Cookies made me feel good when I had my braces, too. I had them since thirteen until my late days in senior year in high school. We have family dentistry (Cookeville) for years now. It's a lot easier 'coz everyone in tour family have the same tooth doctor, and goes to the same clinic every appointment. Good thing my Cookeville dentist didn't prohibit me from eating sweet tasting cookies before.