Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wax is Back

Last week at the ortho I brushed off the routine question at the end of the appointment, "Is anything poking you?" For those of you lucky enough to not have or ever have braces, this is usually asked after putting new wires and 'bling' in your mouth. So, having been asked this question now numerous times, and feeling like quite a pro at this point, I just shrugged off this question and said, "I'm fiiiiine." -- in ever attempt to get outta there and get back to work. Why? Because I'm completely bizarre.

Welp, I screwed up. There is totally a wire poking directly into my cheek. I thought I would toughen up at this point and move on but...after several days of reaching for wax at every moment, I'm thinking...maybe I should call? Even more concerning, I will soon be out of wax (ahhh!) and I have no idea where to buy something like this. Guess when I was asked at my last appointment if I wanted some extra wax I shouldn't have said, "Oooh noooo. (so beneath me) I don't need that stuff anymore. My mouth is totally used to it."

Oh, and by the way, is it dangerous to swallow wax? Definitely have...more than once. Will it sit in my stomach for 10 years like gum? Anyone?


Aimee said...

Hi! My ortho said to call anytime something is poking me so that it can be fixed. You can buy wax at Rite Aid. I bought some at Walgreens and it was like 3 bucks, so definitely take the free stuff when they offer it. I think wax just passes right out. I don't think gum sits in your stomach either ~ but it can get trapped in your appendix ~ which happened to me and caused me to get appendicitis.
Go get that wired clipped! :)

allison said...

Yah, Aimee's right on all counts. You can get wax at the drugstore, it won't hurt to swallow, and CALL! Get as much for your money as possible!