Tuesday, August 21, 2007

All Natural Paste?

Yes, I will admit it. Last night I read the latest in the trendy diet books....
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In my defense, it was mainly for work....even though...I did kind of...seek it out for myself. But any way...first, don't read this book -- it's crap. Second - it really screwed me up! Basically, the Skinny Bitches told me everything I currently consume is going to kill me...fast. And MOST importantly they told me, my toothpaste is going to eventually fill me with poisonous toxins and destroy my insides.

Um...what the heck?! Is it time to go all natural with my toothpaste?

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Help fellow oral hygiene addicts! Is anyone out there using this all-natural stuff? Does it work? I gotta ask the my ortho on Friday. Is it really worth paying twice as much? Is there actual proof that people have died earlier because of what's in their toothpaste? Something does not sound right here. I'm all about 'going green' but you know, with the teeth in wires, I gotta take caution and get all the info.


Chris K said...

I hate these kinds of books. They don't serve any purpose but to prey on insecurities that women are prone to. Men have their own set of insecurities to be sure, luckily no one has thought to start a market of books targeting them. (And if they did men probably wouldn't read them.)
As for the toothpaste I don't have any scientific evidence one way or the other, but I will mark my vote in the "Doesn't taste very good" column.

Aimee said...

I think you're pretty safe with whatever brand of toothpaste you are using, as long as you aren't consuming it as a midnight snack, of course. I think it would take a lot of toothpaste to kill a person. :)

allison said...

i don't know about toothpaste being poisonous, but i really like tom's of maine toothpaste. unfortunately, they stopped making cinnamon :(

Wired Lady said...

I think I'm going to try it...just for fun.