Monday, August 20, 2007

Back to Braces

Hi All -- back again. Not too much has happened since we last spoke. For a week on vacation with the fam, I really did nothing (which was FANTASTIC!) . Slept, ate, beach, ate, beach, ate...drank....repeat. Most importantly, the week was not spend fixating on work, money, life, television, and most importantly....the good old steel traps.

But as always...just a few quick thoughts on the time away from Los Angeles...

1. In Hilton Head life is slow.
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2. People are not as good looking as they are in LA.
3. Hence, braces...not a thought or care in the world.
4. The people of Hilton Head were kind to the Wired Lady.
5. Oysters are the recommended seafood of choice for those of us who are wired. However, the majority of seafood works.
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6. The mint julep taste testing in Savannah (the home of world famous Paula Deen) was....not a favorite. I know. Shocking, isn't it? A drink I didn't even finish. True story.
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7. And last, Tom Bergeron is a very nice man.
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I felt comfortable enough to flash him the silver smile, as I walked past him sitting in first class.

But after a week of relaxing with the fam in SC (thank you, anonymous), I'm back to reality. Which means...back to braces. Next ortho appointment is Friday. With a few loose wires and brackets (thanks to my evil vice The Tostito Chip)'s time to rock out. Ha.


Aimee said...

Welcome back, Stephanie! I've missed reading your blogs!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Hilton Head in SC?

Wired Lady said...

my bad -- yes, you are correct.