Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Urgent Care For The Wired

Because I sometimes tend to be a hypochondriac when approaching vacation time, I swung by the urgent care after work today. Ha. Sounds like something so typical, like picking up some groceries or my dry cleaning. But seriously, this was actually the first time visiting an Urgent Care (I swear!) and let me tell you, I was soo impressed! They took me right away, little waiting, and exceptional time spent with me, the ailing patient. The doctor who I had at Urgent Care was actually nicer than my normal physician. Anyway...as it turns out...I don't have strep but I did learn that if you have allergies, it is not a good idea to put your face over a fire pit for an extended amount of time (see Sunday's blog entry). Actually, this is probably true with or without allergies. The later only meaning...you'll save money on Claritin D.

How the hell does this relate to being a wired lady?
Very simple.

Urgent care is located in the same building as my orthodonist's office. Ironic? I think not.

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