Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Challenge & A Treasure Chest

Ok. So, yesterday I had my check-up at the orthodontist's. While waiting in reception, why do I always feel like a circus freak show? Oh yeah, maybe because the sink for the pre-brushing station hits my knees. Cool.

Anyway, you know it's not a good sign when the doctor looks at my teeth and doesn't quite understand why nothing is changing. She says, "Do you like being a challenge?" My response, "The question is, do you like a good challenge?" The scary thing is during my first ortho adventure while in good ol' middle school, I remember this word being thrown around a lot.

Nothing major happens. They change my wire from a circular one to a more intense square-shaped wire -- whatever the hell this means. I also explain my concern with why one front tooth is now lower than the other (thank you for noticing that, Steve). She agreed it was weird, but also said, "We've got bigger things to worry about at this point." Cool. Again.

The good news is I was granted a raffle ticket for my excellent hygiene to put in the treasure chest to win a free movie. On the raffle ticket under my name I was told to write 'adult.' After doing this, the enthusiasm of opening the treasure chest and dropping my ticket in, sort of lost it's appeal.

Right now my teeth are so freakin' numb. Thank god for Tylenol and wine.

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cathiek6@aol,com said...

Congratulations on your excellent hygiene!
Enjoying your blog and hang in there- if you win the raffle maybe it will be for a PG rated movie!