Monday, May 19, 2008

Braced-Face Beauty (Goddess?)

Let's be honest, when you're rockin' braces in the (upper) 20s, sometimes you're not always feeling Well, today was definitely one of those days.

But...lucky for new desk location at work puts me smack dab next to...the future Bobbi Brown cosmetic genius!!! Meet Ifeanyi of Goddess C.A.T!

As a wired lady, I might be an easy 'sell' (just lie to me and tell me that mascara is deflecting the braces) but really, this is good stuff. I'm convinced.

Go. Get Goddess Cat. Now


tallglassofmilk said...

I was fortunate enough to receive a Goddess Cat gift on Friday - think I'll try out the eye shadow today!

pamela said...

hi there,i love ur blog, im entering the braces universe soon.... i think ill bookmark ur page ;)

greetings from Costa Rica


Glamourpuss said...

Hey there sexy Wired Lady...awesome blog you've got here :) Definitely bookmarking on my page!