Friday, May 16, 2008

They Love Me Even In Braces


You'd think I was obsessed with the New Kids on the Block when I first had braces but...oh no. NKOTB was BEFORE my pre-teen braces days.

Well, lucky loves are back. And as the pre-pubescent girl I am -- in's kind ok NOW to be obsessing...thanks to the braces...maybe?...a little?

I know it's a stretch but come on, I HAD to find a reason to put a pic of the boyz in my blog.

They make me so happy. And yes, I am totally screwed up...I still think Danny or "monkey boy" is the cutest.


Shontell said...

NO! Not the Monkey Boy!?! haha

nabukay said...

lol, seriously. i liked them way back then but its people like you that "inspire" them to make a comeback. which one is Jordan cos he was my favourite but now none of them look appealing. i have to commend you on coming up with a reason to post their pic on your blog though...

Katherine said...

They are SOOOO much hotter now, Heehee!!