Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gettin' Detailed

This morning (no surprise here) I was at the orthodontist's office. Yet again she said how 'great' I look...and then continued to put more metal in my mouth.

BUT!....I heard the KEY words.....

Next Time...we "DETAIL"

Helllllls yeah....I immediately asked the assistant, "Is that what I think it means?!!!?"

She said,'s time for the fine tweaking (ie...all the seriously moving has been done). So, after hearing this, the obvious next question is..."When do they come off?!" Of course, they make no promises -- not wanting to make it sound like they're coming off anytime soon (ugh). And quite frankly, I have a feeling this is when the perfectionist in the Doc comes out -- which means...more time.

But...for now...I'm happy. And when I return in June -- we're DETAILin'!!!

I'm dreaming of a white (braces-free) Christmas... :)

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