Thursday, May 8, 2008

KooKoo wROOng

With the reuniting of Wired Lady and actual, delicious and wonderful FOOD...already the consequences are setting in. Today - for you can imagine, I was highly excited to delve into the chicken, corn and mushroom-goodness of KooKooRoo.

Soooo proud - I totally kicked ass know, normally. So obviously, I did what any other wired individual would do and kept eating and eating...and eating.

Welp, it's about 8 hours post-ROO and let's just say, the gremlin attacking my stomach finally went to sleep.

Perhaps I should try to take it...slow?


kimikay812 said...

i wish we had kookooroo in ohio!!!

Katherine said...

OH my goodness, I'm still laughing!!!

stephanie said...

Congrats on finally being able to eat!! (But perhaps it is best to take it slow, haha).