Saturday, July 7, 2007

Almost Emergency

Holy crap. Talk about a close call. At Marix tonight. Of course, enjoying a margarita...on the rocks. All of a sudden, after chomping on an enjoyable piece of ice, the back wire on the left hand side of my braces totally released. Flashes of gay men calling 911 ran through my head. Images of waking Dr. Yamada up in the middle of the night flooded my brain. Do I have the Buena Vista emergency hot line programed in my phone? What am I gonna do?! How do I play it cool? Can I continue with dinner and drinks with my braces half removed? This had never happened before.

Luckily the calmer, (slightly tipsy) Stephanie was out to play tonight. Thank GOD with a flick of my tongue, I was able to insert the wire back into the bracket without a comotion. Phew!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally saved the day on that one. Ok. Back to the nachos.

I will never think of my margarita ice the same way. I will no longer take you for granted.

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