Monday, July 9, 2007

Inappropriate Wire Talk

I think one of the most annoying things said to a 20-something with braces is, "Hey! I really like your braces." What? Excuse me?! Is there actually a response to this compliment? -- if that's what you call it? What do I say? Hey, thanks Ass Hole for making me feel like crap! Hey, thanks Jerk Face for reminding me of my handicap, default, hideousness, Steve Urkel Syndrome, etc. Really appreciate it.

The only thing worse than this statement said to my face, in public, is....someone who says it with actual genuineness. How is that possible, you may ask? I swear, it happened. happened at work! Ahh! Let's just say, I responded incorrectly.

Oddly Nice Co-Worker: Hey, I really like your braces.
Wired Lady: (Long Silence) Huh?
Oddly Nice Co-Worker: Yeah.
Wired Lady: Please do not tell me you have a fetish with young girls (Insert Laughter, on my part)
Now Creeped Out-Oddly Nice Co-Worker: What? That's sick. And really inappropriate for the work place.


Anonymous said...

I think braces are totally cute and wouldn't appreciate being called an asshole for the simple fact that I told someone I liked their braces. Get over it. You look totally adorable with braces.

Wired Lady said...